Don’t develop just web application. Make it BIG for years

When you are going to develop and web application or huge website, you are just going to spend huge bucks. You have to make ensure that you are not going towards waste of your money. There are many companies or individuals. You are going to outsource your work. Choose your outsourcing partner which always thinks best for you. There are so many aspects which make a web application perfect, quality product plus enhance its usefulness. So in this article I am going to explain few of them those might you don’t know. Just review your outsourcing partner before handing over the work responsibilities. I will try to describe the things in simple language as much as possible.


I wish your business get going and going and expand at a rate which you have not dreamed! Yes, your business will get expansion over the months. Your users will increase and might be number will increase in exponential. Then what you will do. If your application is developed for certain number of users then it will not work if users increase. At that moment, if your outsourcing partner tells you that you have to develop new one then your invested money is wasted. Scalability means your application should work for any number of users at least for few years. It is possible that application requires a minor amendment. But it should not demand drastic changes or a complete new one. So make ensure that your application should be scalable.


What will happen if your application stays down most of the time for maintenance or because of technical bugs or problem? Your application should be available for most of the time. It is possible that some time it requires getting down for maintenance but it should be scheduled. Many companies develop application at low prices and hence its quality will be questionable. I recommend you to not go for low prices and never compromise quality for budget.


How many time your application get down because of software bugs or other technical bugs? This decides reliability. No one likes the environment with errors and problems. If your application stays down more time that means you are losing users and missing business. Again I would like to repeat that never compromise quality for bucks.


A web Application cannot be perfect before it is developed or used. Amendment will come to your way as application used. Change in current functionality is always inevitable to enhance the user experience. Inclusion of new functionality is must to stay in competition. So your application should be maintainable and it should be done easily.

This time only four basic features. Though, I will come up with more in next article. You should outsource your web application development work because there are so many benefits of outsourcing. But at the same time you should keep in mind that you have to choose best among many available. The intent of this simple article is to guide those who don’t know anything about these inside features of web application.

Simple analysis of search results: Bing vs. Google

Today I was little bit crazy. So I searched my company name “3i Infocom” on both search engines, Google and Bing. I analyzed search results in terms of domain diversity, social websites etc. etc. First let me clear few things. We are a bunch of 50-60 people crazy and passionate about IT services like web design and development, software development, mobile application and website development and little bit of interest in internet marketing. We are present on social media websites like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Few days back Bing had started Bing it on challenge and I have taken it. My result was in favor of Google by 4-1. I feel that it will be fun to see how my profiles on social media platforms rank on different search engines after Bing’s claim. How can I get relatively good information of a company from different search engines and which one serves better pages?

Where my company’s website stands?

In Google, first result is it what I want. Second one is also a page of website design from my website itself. I smiled J. When I moved to Bing’s result, my website is ranking at #5. It seems like EMD update was done by Google and effect is on Bing.

For this my vote goes to Google. I think Brand name is not a EMD for sure. Why Bing has pushed it down.

Domain diversity?

Google has recently updated it’s algorithm to increase domain diversity. Strange, three results are from LinkedIn. In fact four, though fourth is different company, not mine. One is company profile, one is company page and third one is custom search done on LinkedIn itself for keyword 3i Infocom. This third one doesn’t sound weird? Overall three results are from my website, three results coming from LinkedIn and rest four are other domains in Google. For Bing, two from my website, four from LinkedIn and rest four are from other domains. So for me, they are just doing work to improve domain diversity but not working for me. My head is just swirling.

What about other results?

As I have stated, both contains four results from other domains means other than my website and LinkedIn. Let’s talk about Google. One is my twitter account. One is Facebook fan page. One link is for my profile on and last one is from ThumbTake (SEOmoz domain authority 87) profile. Now let’s take a look at Bing result. One is my company profile on hotfrog, one is website record audit report, one is my latest Pinterest Pin and one is not related to me at all, which contains ‘3i’ world in title and URL.


My first surprise comes from Bing as there is no Facebook fan page even though it has 100+ likes (and FB’s Partnership with MicrosoftL). Second surprise is domination of LinkedIn in both search engines. What I conclude is LinkedIn’s professional network is still good enough for companies like us despite of increasing popularity of Facebook and Twitter.

So overall I am happy with the result of Google. Yes, that’s what I can say. Bing is almost identical but I am not happy because of those rest four results. Google has said more about domain diversification but I am not still happy with it. Still Google is good to target for organic SEO as I see it from common man perspective.


Cost effective web marketing strategies to Generate Leads and get New Customers

Any business man knows that the key to a successful business that generates profits is to have customers. The more customers you have, the more profits you will have. While this is very true, the “how to get customers” part can be rather complicated. How do you find those customers? The obvious answer is through online marketing and online advertising your business.

There are hundreds of methods you can use to attract new customers to your website; however, some are more cost effective than others. Your goal as a business man is to get the most customers you can per marketing dollar so that the profits per customer are greater. A television ad may bring in 100 new customers, but at what cost to you?

Professional Web Marketing Company will show you some ways that you can attract customers in an affordable manner using the web. They are experienced to help you ramp up your customer base without draining much valuable funds in the process. Some methods are going to help you reap greater rewards, some are going to require more time than others, and all are effective methods of getting people through the website.

Professional Web Marketing Company going to show you how to cost effective market your business without reducing the audience it reaches, or the number of customers it brings to you. Traditional methods of advertising are great, television commercials, radio air-time, and the like all work, and we are not disputing this. In fact, they are very effective methods at the same time it is costly too. However, now most of the people are online and buying online, they are searching you on web especially via mobile devices. For many businesses, cash flow problems, or lack of funds for marketing are going to prohibit using costly advertising methods. However, Web promotion is the solution to that and it will be less costly at the same time and it will not prohibit your ability to sell a product and generate a larger customer base.

The web has opened the door to many customers, at a low price. The web marketing services will help you how to turn existing customers into even more customers, to turn what little marketing dollars you have into extensive customers, and to utilize the bandwidth you have more efficiently.

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